Let's talk about blurbs

I'd like to rant a little bit about the current state of affairs in regards to book blurbs (this possibly applies more to certain types of books than others). In many of the books that you can pick up at the store, if you flip to the back you may find yourself reading something along the lines of :

"A fascinating read. *The Author* has managed to *adjective* transport you into an *adjective* world."

- A famous person

"One of the best something something something... *Adjective* and *Adjective*"

- A famous website

One of the problem with this kind of blurb is that it tells you absolutely nothing about the contents of the book itself! I was certainly under the impression that the role of the blurb was to do just that. To save the readers time from having to flip through the first few pages to find out what it's all about. Especially now that more books have started to adopt less conventional titles, that sometimes don't make sense until you've finished the book, if at all.

Some publishers have adopted a more sensible and balanced approach of including the description along with the many accolades, which I find much less frustrating. I can then at least make my own judgement, without having to rely entirely on someone else telling me that I'd enjoy the book of which I have no clue of the contents!